Choosing a Teacher

How to Choose a Music Teacher

what should be taken into consideration

Before choosing a teacher or a music school, you have to consider the style of guitar you want to learn. It will be counterproductive to watch lessons, for example, in Classical guitar when your goal is to learn rock.

A great musician is not necessarily a great teacher. Usually for a gifted musician it is difficult for him to understand how a beginner can not play certain things in a short time.

There are no miracle methods or magic teachers. No matter how brilliant the teacher is, it is mandatory that there is dedication on the student side, under the consequence of never achieving satisfactory results.

Always be wary of those teachers who report that they teach all musical styles and play “all instruments” and more. As in general, a trained guitarist specializes in a particular style. He can then make inroads into other styles, but he is not specialized in them.

All guitar teachers generally teach through their experiences as students. It is up to you to decide whether your teacher’s method best fits your requirements as a learner.

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