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Is it safe to buy stuff here?

Yes, completely safe. The transaction by PayPal® is safe and encrypted, you can see the padlock symbol next to the address. You can still choose to wire transfer your money to me, if you do not have a credit card or a PayPal® account.

Do I have to create an account? Why?

Yes. In order to access your area on this website and to have access to products you have purchased, anywhere anytime you need.

What are my payment options?

You have PayPal® and Bank Transfer is also available.

Do I have to have a PayPal® account to use my credit card?

No. The PayPal® payment system allows you to pay with your credit card without creating an account, completely safe.

Como é que tenho acesso aos meus produtos?

t go to the menu shop-my account-login with the data created and access the menu on the left side-downloads. Here has always access to all products you have purchase

Paguei por transferência bancaria como faço para aceder aos produtos?

d. To have immediate access to the products you have purchased, simply send to the email proof of the transact

Quanto tempo demora para ter acesso ao que comprei?

ion. If it was by credit card or PayPal ® access is immediate. If Bank transfer have access as soon as we receive your proof. Will receive an email with the information that you can access to your pro

Recebi um código de promoção, onde é que o coloco?

ducts. You will need to make a purchase of a product from the store, after entering the hole and before finalizing the purchase, has a place for you to type the promo code-Apply coupon. The discount is carried out automatically.

Se cancelar a minha conta deixo de ter acesso aos meus produtos?

Yes. The products are associated with your user account, for which access to them.

Cancelei sem querer a minha conta, posso recuperar o que comprei?

Yes. Just send an email to with your details and the products they bought to be generated a new account. N

Tenho de imprimir o comprovativo para levar na 1ª aula?

o, if you have a smartphone or a tablet can bring the PDF in the same and show the Teacher.

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