Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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I saw your website on the internet and I would like to know how your classes work

My classes work on a weekly basis, ergo, an individual lesson of one hour a week to a fixed day and time.

Are lessons paid on each attended class?

No. It’s a monthly pay and is made at the beginning of each month, relative to 4 classes. One lesson per week, 4 lessons per month.

I would like to learn Portuguese guitar. Is it possible to learn without going through classical guitar?

Yes it is.

Is it possible to learn Classical and Portuguese Guitar simultaneously?

Yes. You can make a week of Classical guitar and another of Portuguese guitar. Or, half an hour of classic and half an hour of Portuguese. But in a first stage, it is advisable not to disperse and take lessons from only one instrument.

Is it possible to take lessons with a friend?

Yes, but separately, that is, one student in one week and another student in another week. It is not possible to take classes at different times.

How long does it take to play guitar well?

Playing guitar well is a very subjective concept. But at the end of one year you will play something.

How much time per week should you practice?

You should practice one hour every day for the first year. If it is not possible you should at least practice 2 to 3 hours per week. It is convenient to create a consistent training routine from the start.

From what age can one begin to learn?

In very exceptional cases, from 5 years of age. But in general, a child can start learning from the age of 8.

Is it possible to learn guitar at any age?

Yes. With discipline and work you can achieve good results at any age. Of course, a 15-year-old kid has much better psychomotor skills than a 60-year-old. But with dedication, you can play at any age.

When I do not practice for a few days and then I play again I feel some pain in my left hand. Is it normal to feel these pains?

Perfectly normal. Playing guitar is like running, swimming or cycling, there has to be a constant practice or you will find it difficult to resume after a long period of inactivity.

I've been playing for 10 years. What I know, I learned alone and stagnated! I want to evolve but I do not want to start learning from the beginning.

The first thing to do is to determine what you have learned and to take advantage of what you already have, and then improve your technique. It will be necessary to verify if it has technical defects and, over time, work to eliminate bad learning over years and years.

I have an old guitar at home but it has no strings and it looks like its arm is half warped ... Do you think I should buy a new guitar or can it still be used?

First the strings, we change them to new ones, then it is checked if the mechanical part of the guitar still works (chimes, arm, etc.). If everything is working properly you can perfectly learn on this guitar.

I do not have classical guitar. How much is a guitar good enough to start learning?

A good guitar to starts around 150 to 200 euros. Then you have guitars more cheap, but usually do not tune well and sooner or later they begin to give some problems.

Regarding the Portuguese guitar, what is you advise?

It depends on your aspirations towards the instrument. If it’s a thing for 2 or 3 months, there are instruments for 300 euros (guitars of poor quality). If it is to continue for years onward you can buy a guitar in the range of 500 to 750 euros (soft scale, wood in holy wood, good finishes). There may be good opportunities in the second-hand market.

Do you teach in July and August?

In July yes. In August it all depends on how many students I have.

Are the classes aimed at students of all levels?

They are intended for beginners, intermediate and advanced intermediate students. Advanced students are always advised to go to official music schools. Official music schools have a more comprehensive and diversified teaching.

I do not know anything about guitars. When I buy an instrument in a store, how do I know if I'm not being fooled?

Never buy any instrument without first consulting with your teacher or someone you know, who knows something about guitars.

How is the Portuguese Guitar Course structured?

You can learn guitar in Guitar strand of the Lisbon or Coimbra guitar.
At Guitarra de Lisboa we will look at fado accompaniment and learn the basics of traditional fado. In the Portuguese guitar of Coimbra we will follow the line of Mestre Artur Paredes and the Bases of the Coimbra technique.

What is the difference between the Coimbra Guitar and the Lisbon Guitar?

The main difference is the right hand technique and the Instrument Tuning.

Can we learn both styles simultaneously?

In my opinion this is not beneficial for the beginner. You can do one year of Coimbra and one year of Lisbon Guitar. But always separately.

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