General Regulations

General Regulations

  1. 4 classes will be given monthly, once a week in fixed day and time, agreed with the Teacher. Each class lasts 60 minutes.
  2. It is not necessary to bring an instrument to class. Exception for left-handed students.
  3. Students should always attend classes with the study material, consisting of scores, notepad, pencil and eraser.
  4. The student should be assiduous and punctual, with no delays or attending the lesson 15 minutes before the scheduled time, disrespecting the time of the previous student’s class.
  5. The student is not allowed to bring friends or family to attend classes without the prior approval of the teacher.
  6. The student must always bring the left hand fingernails neatly trimmed and flush, so he can push on the strings. The use of nail gel in the left hand is not allowed.
  7. In the case of the Portuguese Guitar, it is convenient to let the nails of the right hand grow a little, in order to put false nails.

Missed Classes Policy

  1. The absences given by the students will only be compensated by the Teacher, when advised with a minimum of 2 days in advance. All others will not be reset.
  2. The replacement of one class it’s only allowed for every two months of classes. All other classes that the student misses are not reset, even if the student warns in advance.
  3. All class compensation will be given within the Teacher’s free time, without compromising any other student’s schedule.
  4. Class compensations are made from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 6 pm.
  5. The teacher will assume responsibility for the replacement of classes, whose absence has been responsible. The reschedule will be done in a schedule to be agreed with the student. Classes will not be returned, which are not made due to lack of attendance of the student. Once the date and time have been set for the reinstatement of classes, the student’s non-appearance implies the loss of it.

Payment Policy

  1. The monthly fee for the month that starts must be paid until the 8th day of the month itself and can be paid in cash, check or bank transfer.
  2. If the student chooses to pay in cash and for some reason misses the first class of the month, he or she must pay the monthly fee by bank transfer until the 8th of each month.
  3. The monthly fee is always related to 4 classes per month.
  4. No allowances are made for tuition due to tuition missed by the student.
  5. The absences given by the students, even if justified, do not invalidate the payment of the monthly fee, in its entirety. Non-payment implies suspension of classes.
  6. There is no admission or registration fee.
  7. If the student starts classes in the middle of the month, he will only pay half the monthly fee. This rule applies only to new students and never during the course.

Cancelation or Interruption Policy

  1. The dropout by the student or temporary interruption of classes should be communicated to the teacher until the 20th of the previous month.
  2. If the student does not notify the teacher on the stipulated date above, the student must pay the monthly fee for the following month.
  3. The student may cancel the classes on time, for a month, if he notifies the teacher within the deadlines stipulated above, however, it may imply the loss of the time the student had classes.

Vacations and Holidays

  1. Even during school holidays, students will always be assured of the 4 monthly classes.
  2. In the months in which there are 5 weeks, the 1st week class will not be given.
  3. In Holidays, classes can be given on the same day or alternatively, will be reset on another day being prior combine between Teacher and student.
  4. There is no pre-set annual holiday calendar.

Reservation or Pre-booking of Schedules

  1. We do not accept any kind of reservation or pre-booking of schedules with 1 or 2 months in advance.
  2. Reservations are only accepted for opening hours 1 week in advance.
  3. Any time that is reserved it will only be schedule after payment of the respective monthly fee or advanced money.

Special Offers

  1. Any and all promotion is intended for new students and is valid for 6 months.
  2. The amount of the monthly fee allocated in promotions is valid only for 6 months. In case of interruption of classes by the student, the monthly fee loses the promotion awarded. After 6 months the student no longer enjoys the promotion value.

Scheduled Classes

  1. The scheduled classes are acquired in packages of 4 classes, with a 6 months validity. After this period, the student loses the right to classes.

Gift Vouchers

  1. The student to whom an offer voucher was offered, when missing, is not entitled to any missed class reimbursement.

Experimental Classes

  1. The experimental class is a way for the student to know and evaluate the teaching method of the teacher. This class is totally free.