Regulation for Scheduled Classes

Regulation for Scheduled Classes

  1. The Plans of 4 classes are valid for 2 months and are scheduled according to the availability of the teacher and the student.
  2. The student can schedule a lesson or mark the entire plan in full.
  3. The period of 4 months is only extended for longer if the teacher is unavailable for class scheduling.
  4. The student loses the right to classes if he does not schedule the 4 classes in a timely manner during the 2-month period.
  5. The classes are individual and each lesson lasts 60 minutes.
  6. It is not necessary to bring an instrument to class.
  7. Students should always attend classes with the study material, consisting of scores, notepad, pencil and eraser.
  8. The student should be assiduous and punctual, with no delays or attending the lesson 15 minutes before the scheduled time, respecting the time of the previous student’s class.
  9. The student is not allowed to bring friends or family to attend classes without the prior approval of the teacher.
  10. The student must always bring the nails of the left hand well trimmed and close, so that he can step on the ropes. The use of gel nails in the left hand is not allowed.
  11. In the case of the Portuguese Guitar, it is convenient to let the nails of your right hand grow a little, in order to put false nails.

Fault Policy

  1. n case you can not attend the lesson, the student must notify the teacher at least 2 days in advance. If you do not, the student loses the right to the lesson.
  2. The student is not allowed to redial classes previously scheduled.

Payment Policy

  1. The value of the 4 lesson plan is paid in full in the first class.
  2. Returns are not allowed if the student gives up.