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Guitar Classes

Portuguese Classic

Ricardo Mata

Classical and Portuguese Guitar Teacher


Teaching Classical Guitar since 1997 and Portuguese Guitar since 2003




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What the students say:

As a Portuguese guitar student, I appreciated Professor Ricardo Mata's method, both in the approach to the guitar and in the explanation of the pieces that were taught to me. Without the master's help and patience, I would never even have been able to play this instrument, due to a permanent injury to my right arm. My thanks to him.

António Ribeiro

As a retiree and a recent student of Professor Ricardo Mata, I feel, through his classes, both musical and artistic fulfillment. The lessons are given by means of an accessible teaching allowing a beginner and passionate student of Portuguese guitar to learn without difficulty the sound of this magnificent and bewitching music of Fado.

Marie Thérèse Maurel

I have been a student since October 2015. (...) I feel that, since the first class, I have learned and evolved a lot. Prof. Ricardo has an extraordinary vocation for teaching music, he manages to adapt his teaching method to each individual case, depending on our abilities, limitations, personality and musical tastes. (...) The coolest part of the class is when he plays along with us!

Joana Gonçalves

I've been participating for over a year in online classes (the only class model available to me since I live abroad) to learn Portuguese guitar in the Coimbra style. This class model fits perfectly with my schedule and availability due to the great flexibility they offer. The learning method is, in my opinion, excellent and has helped me immensely in my progress. A year ago I would never have imagined that today I would be able to play some of the pieces that I practice regularly today. (...) Classes with Ricardo have been, for me, a very enriching and positive experience.

Hélder Pinheiro

I am a student of Prof. Ricardo Mata since the beginning of 2016. The classes take place in an excellent environment, relaxed but focused, which allows those who are new to these tasks to feel free to (naturally) make mistakes, raise their doubts or speak, without fear, about your difficulties. They allowed me to get to know even better this fantastic instrument – which has always fascinated me – which is the Portuguese guitar. Something that was only possible with Prof. Ricardo.

Luís Pires