Some of my tips:

When starting the study of a musical instrument, you have to have some common sense and training with moderation. The ideal is to have calluses on your fingers to avoid the feeling of “burn”. The feeling of pain and burning will keep us from training with quality, so in the first few weeks of training, don’t practice much at home. Let your fingers get used to the effort. 10 minute sessions throughout the day is ideal. Over time increase the practice time, but always using common sense. It is preferable to have finger with “callus” than a finger burned.

Always have the guitar out of the bag. The guitar “looking” back at you, will stimulate in you the daily practice.

Get organized and try to play one song at a time. It is preferable to play little than a lot and wrong.

If we want to stay motivated, it is very important not to miss classes. Classes serve to correct the student, but also serve for the student to go home with extra motivation to play more and better.

Start learning now!

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